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TIPS: How To Start Writing Essay On Global Warming

Global warming is one of the most important current natural issues that needs wide discussion. The task of the writer preparing the essay on this topic is to attract the attention of the reader and call him to action. The main goal is to present the information on the form and will be understandable for the target audience.

While beginning to work with this type of essay, one has to be aware of the following moments. The essay has standards of structure, which you are obliged to preserve. It has to comprise the intro, main body and concluding part. Be ready to give enough examples and evidence to support your main thesis. Provide the reader with the condensed info and avoid including of the irrelevant facts.

Start the paper with the presentation of the issue of global warming itself. Do not use specific terminology. It will make your text cluttered and difficult for the potential reader. If you are going to discuss a specific aspect of global warming, introduce it to the reader. Next step will be to formulate the main thesis. The central statement has to state the problem you are going to discuss throughout your essay. Make sure it will be informative and wide enough so that you will be able to find enough info to cover the problem.

How To Write The Main Body

After successful compilation of the introductory part, a writer of global warming can move to the next stage – the creation of the main body if the paper. This section includes the main info of the essay. It presents the core of the essay. The author has to think over the info he is going to include in detail.

Depending on the topicality of your paper, you can present different info in the main body of your global warming essay. If you are going to talk about the phenomenon of global warming in general, then the good strategy will be to include in the main body the specific issue or problems related to the phenomenon. For example, approach such issues as the greenhouse effect, ice sheets movements or glacier melting.

In case, you are going to talk about the phenomenon in general, you can describe the cases and consequences. You can present a list of climate changes that follow the global warming. It is possible to cover any issue related to the topicality of the essay. Judging from the nature of the material that you are going to cover, you will decide on the organization of the structure of your essay.

How To Finish Global Warming Essay

The concluding part of the essay has to be sense-loaded, very general and summarize all the key points covered in the main body. You have to concentrate on the main thesis, which you have in the introductory part. Your task will be to refer to it once again. The effective strategy will be to paraphrase your central thesis in the first sentence of the conclusion so that the reader will be able to follow the flow of your thoughts. This technique will help to create a logical order and the reader will see that all elements of the text are tightly interconnected.

Bear in mind the fact that your conclusion has to present the summary o points you have covered in the paper. It should not include any new info. It will break the structural standards of this type of writing as well as cause the chaos. Before writing the final part, re-read your essay once again to order everything in your mind. After that, produce a condensed and brief summary giving the reader results of and conclusions based on info covered in the essay.

Global Warming Essay Outline Sample

Exists a standard template that will become a handy tool for every writer having a task to prepare an essay on the topic “Global warming”.


  • Introductory sentence. Global warming is one of the central ecological problems that need solution nowadays.
  • Thesis statement. There are several effective measures, which we can take to change the situation for better.

Do: compile the introductory sentence so that it will deliver the general info familiarizing the reader with the main theme and prepare him for the future info he is going to receive. Try to make it as informative as possible. Create catchy statement.
The thesis statement is the skeleton of the essay; take care so that it is clear and precise.
Do not: Try not to overload the introductory part too much. Be laconic.

Main body

  • Pros of the global warming.
    Introductory sentence. Although the temperature levels are increasing on the planet faster than scientists have predicted recently, it has its positive impact.
    Developing argument. It has positively changed the climate in some regions and, as a result, the agricultural level has grown.
  • Cons of the global warming.
    Introductory sentence. Global warming has become a serious problem that needs taking measures urgently.
    Developing argument. The water supplies of humanity have decreased. The frequency of fires has grown and it difficult to control them.

Do: start each new paragraph with the new idea presented to the reader. Divide all the portions of the new info logically, so that the target reader will not be confused.
Do not: Try not to blend all the paragraphs into one. Plan your essay carefully to avoid the mess.


  • The sentence that presents the paraphrasing of the thesis, helps the reader to trace the logic of info, and interrelates all the elements of the essay. We cannot ignore the global warming and today is the highest time to take effective measures. Thanks to the development of technology, we are able to apply the developments and innovations to influence the problem and change the situation for the better.
  • Call to action sentence. All these factors prove that we have the power to influence this problem. Everything is in our hands and we have to do something to give our children bright future!

Do: Make an effective ending. Present call to action sentence.
Do not: Present any new info. Avoid implementation of citations and popular sayings.

List of references

Include the list of references and indicate all the sources used.

A Few Words About Writing Global Warming Research Paper

To write a proper research paper, you need to conduct a small research project. It will help you to collect enough information sources and materials. You will also need to contact your scholarly supervisor to confirm all the details. Start your work with the creation of the draft version. It will help you in the production of the research paper deserving the highest evaluation.

Difference Between Essay and Research Paper

A task to write a research paper on global warming is more serious than the task to prepare an essay. It is easy to explain why. Primarily, the nature of essay and research paper differ. An essay is a type of assignment that presents a reflection on a certain issue. The nature of the assignment is subjective, as the writer offers an individual solution or defends his point of view. On the contrary, a research paper is a kind of scholarly work, which presents an independent student product of researching a specific issue. It is more voluminous and the demands to the writing of it are more serious.

10 Points For Writing Research Paper

1. Pick the topic you are going to work on.
2. Narrow the topic down by picking a specific issue.
3. Formulate the clear and distinct thesis – it will be a skeleton for the future work.
4. Now you have to do a small research to gain the material for the future research paper. Concentrate on the main topic and consult various sources to gather all the necessary info.
5. The next writing step will be a creation of an outline. There is a standard structure you have to follow:

  •  Formulated title
  • Abstract
  • The introduction should describe the relevance of a problem, briefly outlines the history of the issue (degree of study of the topic) on a chronological or conceptual basis. Indicate the object of study, the subject of study, the main purpose of your work and hypothesis of the research.
  • Methodology. Describe the methods you were using while conducting your research. Dwell upon the applicability of each of them.
  • Results. Here you provide the target reader with the results of your study.
  • Discussion. Formulate the following statements:
    The scientific novelty of the study is that…
    The practical value of the study…
  • Conclusions. The conclusion is placed immediately after the text presentation. Conclusions should include a synthesis of “cross-cutting” conclusions by sections, an assessment of the completeness of the solution of the tasks.
  • References. The list of sources, which are referenced in the main part of the course work, is usually given at the end of the text. They are alphabetical order and made in accordance with current standards.

6. Primarily, try to compile a rough draft for your research paper. Based on it you will create the final version of the course paper.
7. The last but one stage is editing. Edit your paper and check it on the availability of grammatical and lexical errors. Estimate the plagiarism rate.
8. Write the final draft.
9. Ask someone to read your paper. It may help to reveal the errors, which you have overlooked.
10. Leave it alone. Sometimes it is better to stop the checking and just wait until the scholarly supervisor estimates your work. Too many examinations may spoil the research paper.


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